The state does give permits to pet owners, which is unusual as most states typically only give permits for educational, scientific, and other exhibition purposes (facilities like zoos, sanctuaries, educators that use wildlife and nature centers). With a venomous snake permit, you can have wild-caught timber rattlesnakes. Again all but a handfulstates allow these pets. Sugar gliders are illegal to own as pets in a few states, including Alaska, California, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania. Sugar Gliders are social animals and live in colonies of up to 15 or 20, consisting of adult males, adult females, and their young, but can also share a nest with up to 7 others. One of the most important things for Sugar Gliders to eat are fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, many exotic species are regulated by the US government and require permits for possession and/or breeding. Or any crossbreed or hybrid of wild animals. Toys, food, enrichment items, and anything else you may need. [+5 Leafy Greens]. The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers to this website may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. So i ask lawmakers in PA to PLEASE make sugar gliders LEGAL IN PA AS MANY STATES HAVE ALREADY DONE. The laws in Pennsylvania pertaining to exotic pets are flagrantly unjust. Like all states in the Northeast, Pennsylvania regulates exotic pets. Sugar gliders are on their list of prohibited animals, according to Hawaiis Department of Agriculture. Because Sugar Gliders are exotic pets, you normally cant find them at any normal pet store. Some cities, such as St. How much do sugar gliders cost? Sugar gliders are small, omnivorous, arboreal, and nocturnal gliding possum belonging to the marsupial infraclass and are native to cool-temperate forests of Eastern Australia and the island of New Guinea. Theywillalsoneedaplacetoliveandaccessoriestokeepthemhappy. If you are interested in learning more about costs, legalities, dangers, the personality of Sugar Gliders, how to take care of them, and more keep reading. They are not powerful enough to cause any lasting damage, though it will hurt for a while. Sugar gliders are not legal as pets in Alaska, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Pennsylvania does not ban the ownership of exotic or wild animals as pets, but it does require that you have a special permit for exotic wildlife possession, as per the Pennsylvania Game and Wildlife Code (Title 34, Section 2961-2963). Sugar Gliders are native to forests on the mainland of places such as Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. You become their personal jungle gym. We imagine human primates also don't fall into the "pets" category. [Things to Consider]. According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Sugar gliders are legal as pets if the owner possesses valid documentation that the animal originated from a source inspected and regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture., According to the New Mexico Administrative Code, It shall be unlawful to import any live non-domesticated animal into New Mexico without first obtaining an appropriate permit.. Many Sugar Glider cages suitable to house a sugar glider are around $40-$50 but can be more if you want an even bigger cage. The 3 Best Sugar Glider Cage Sets [Guide & Reviews], Rabbits Fruit and Vegetables Consumption (Complete Guide), French Lop Rabbits: Look, Behavior, Care & More (With Pics), Are Sugar Gliders Legal in Your State? Laws change frequently throughout the US, especially where exotic pets are concerned. Sugar gliders should, at minimum, have a yearly wellness exam and fecal floatation to test for intestinal parasites. Because of advances in nutrition in the last decade, sugar gliders are fairly easy to feed properly. We get commissions for purchases made through links on this website. where does the state stand on Zebra ownership and transport within the state? The exotic pet industry is worth $15 billion a year. For reference, the Code of Federal Regulations (9 CFR 1.1) defines an exotic animal as an animal, that is native to a foreign country or of foreign origin or character, is not native to the United States, or was introduced from abroad., While there is currently no federal law that prohibits keeping an exotic animal as a pet, there are some states and a few cities that prohibit possession of certain animals, including sugar gliders. Also banned are the eastern massasauga and Kirtland's snake, also both endangered. Her story reveals the poor oversight of exotic pet regulation in the state. Gliders are marsupials and can not mate with rodents, which a squirrel is. This covers a wide range of animals, including squirrels. Sugar Gliders are a type of small marsupial that is native to Australia. Available. Unfortunately, it is often out of stock, so its worth hitting the link just to see if it is in stock right now or not. Sugar gliders are illegal in several states, including Alaska, Hawaii, and California. Sugar gliders are polygamous, territorial, and live in colonies of 5 to 12 individuals with a dominant male. Success! Is Spinach Suitable for Guinea Pigs? They can learn their name, do tricks, and come when they are called. Laws for breeding, selling and owning exotic pets changes every year. Rats can breed once a month and have proven time and time again that they are able to surviveharsh conditions should their owners decide torelease them in the wild. Yes. Sugar Gliders are non-domesticated animals which mean they still have wild instincts. The most recent was in 2012. And like chamomile, lavender is also safe for gliders to consume. Wednesdays vote was good news to Kristen Tullo, state director for the Humane Society of the United States. You can try refreshing the page, and if you're still having problems, just try again later. Yes, Sugar Gliders are legal in West Virgina, but it is wise to check for city restrictions as well. All "nonhuman primates" are off limits as pets. While Sugar Gliders are legal in almost all of the United States, that is not the case in Australia. It is illegal to keep some species of non-native wildlife as pets in the state, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The Alaska state legislature kindly expounds on which animals you can and can't own. by: shaylen_w. Sugar gliders can not survive the harsh winters in PA so there is no threat to the current wildlife population. Adults are generally 6 to 8 inches in length and weigh between 4 and 6 ounces. If you would rather not buy special food, there are many recipes online for food or nectar that can be made, and give all the needed nutrients to the Sugar Gliders. Most people are not surprised that bears and big cats are considered exotic wildlife, but what about small pets? These include: WORTH CHECKING: Sugar Gliders Accessories. Here are a few of the animals you might be able to glimpse in the wild, but that you can't "import, possess, sell, offer for sale or release" in Pennsylvania: Sugar gliders. In Australia, where Sugar Gliders originated, they are almost completely banned as pets and are illegal to own as they are seen as wild animals. Pennsylvania is one of four states along with Washington, D.C., and parts of New York City that outlaw the ownership of hedgehogs and other nonnative species, with arguments focusing on the idea they could disrupt the local ecosystem if they get loose. [27] The animal launches itself from a tree, spreading its limbs to expose the gliding membranes. Although sugar gliders are not legal pets in every state, they are generally legal throughout the U.S. Using the Internet for research is a good place to start, but for current and complete information on the status of your chosen species, check with the proper agencies.Start with your local government. SunCoast Sugar Gliders, is dedicated to providing everything you need to raise happy and healthy sugar gliders. by: HNJ Gliders. Sugar Gliders are not meant to be on their own, they live in packs and colonies in the wild. These definitions are disappointingly arbitrary. YouTubes privacy policy is available here and YouTubes terms of service is available here. While some states specifically list which species are legal and which are banned, others regulate certain species with other laws. table information from National Geographic. Sugar Gliders take a lot of special precautions and care to stay happy and healthy in captivity. Exotic Nutrition 270 Enterprise Drive Newport News, Virginia 23603, Georgia - must have proof that the glideroriginated from a source inspected and regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (any licensed breeder), New Mexico - must have an exotic pet permit, New York - legal except in the five boroughs (Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island). The sugar gliders in pairs will be adopted as it is. Here are a few of the animals you might be able to glimpse in the wild, but that. They are nocturnal animals and have become popular pets in the United States in recent years. I found a cool cage on Amazon with lots of different elevations. Sugar Gliders in PA royce hawkins started this petition to Pennsylvania Governor There are only 5 states in which sugar gliders are illegal, Pennsylvania being one. This is similar in New York and Utah where sugar gliders are not legally allowed in New York City and Salt Lake City although they are legal in the rest of the states. Most states have no restrictions on owning a sugar glider as a pet. If you are found with one they will take it and kill it along with giving you a hefty fine. 1. By signing, you accept Care2's Terms of Service. If its not available, you can pick up one of these habitats and custom-build their home and play area. Are sugar gliders legal in the UK? However, sugar gliders are legal in the following territories: Sugar gliders are illegal in the following Australian states: There is no Europe-wide law on banning sugar gliders as pets. 1803. 84. They spent their first months in their mother's pouch, so they're considered marsupials. Be careful before purchasing a Sugar Glider and make sure you are prepared and ready to handle the time and commitment it takes to own one. You dont need to bathe Sugar Gliders, they clean themselves by spitting into their hands and rubbing it across their body. These predators include but are not limited to snakes, owls, lizards, kookaburras, and foxes. You are our people. Sugar Gliders are only pregnant for 15 to 20 days, before giving birth. These playful little creatures have become popular pets in the United States in recent years. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. A timber rattlesnake is legal to possess only if: You first obtain a Venomous Snake Permit from the state Fish and Boat Commission. Even small, harmless animals that could never survive the winters of the Northeast like sugar gliders and hedgehogs have questionable legality, and while there have been many campaigns to reverse their wild animal status, like many other states and cities, this solid logic is met with baffling resistance. No. Or, as previously mentioned, coyotes. Embora Pets is a website full of resources created for pet owners by pet owners. What do you know about bobcats in Pennsylvania? The Non-Game Exotic Pets Permit is available from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. Laws are also subject to change. They are considered exotic pets in the United States. First recorded observations of a sugar glider by Europeans (Jackson 2012) Other lesser gliders described in the 1780s. Buyinganyanimal funds this international network of suffering.. Unfortunately, sugar gliders are not legal in California. You will also need permission from your township stating that you can have the animal. Each state has its own set of rules and regulations governing the ownership of exotic pets, and sugar gliders fall into this category. Before purchasing one make sure you are ready and able to care for it for that long. Another few states only allow sugar gliders if the owner has obtained a permit to own one. Sugar gliders are nocturnal animals; they sleep during the day and become active when night falls. And they have to prove they have the facilities to care for an exotic animal. At least three previous attempts to legalize ownership of exotic pets also failed in Pennsylvania. Sugar Gliders need a lot of room to climb and glide, they also do better in pairs. Sugar Gliders are illegal in AK and CA, and a permit is required to own one in PA and MA. Sugar gliders are one of the most cost-effective pets because they do not require veterinary care. 75% of reptiles from pet shops die within the first year. Also beaver, fishers, otters. This is because they do not allow exotic animals out of concern for the effect on the native animal populations of their states. Uh oh. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You cannot possess more than one snake. They have flaps of skin that reach from their farthest finger to their farthest toe on both sides of their body. Are sugar gliders good house pets? Are Sugar Gliders Legal in My State? Young sugar gliders do not require a large cage, but one may be necessary as they grow older. If you are found with one they will take italong with giving you a hefty fine. Please contact anaccredited veterinarianif you have a pet emergency. Select your state and see if sugar gliders are legal or illegal. They most likely won't give them. "It came about because I had some constituents that were asking about having these pets and making them legal,". Untold numbers of sugar gliders and other small animals are stuffed into tiny containers (sometimes even plastic water bottles) and shipped all over the world to be sold to unwitting consumers. Hawaiis exotic animal laws are designed to protect and preserve the states native plant and animal life. Light as a feather. As of right now, 41 states currently have no law prohibiting them. I was actually unaware of the legality of sugar gliders and got my daughter one for an emotional support animal and ended up with a fine because my ex called The Game Warden told them I had and I didn't even realize that they were illegal at the time. These should be used in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, and live insects not in place of. Please Note:Exotic Nutrition is not able to provide specific health and care guidelines on an individual basis. Even hedgehogs used to be illegal in the state without a permit. The state House of Representatives on Wednesday voted 120-71 to reject a bill . Sugar Gliders need a large habitat with accessories to keep them from getting bored, and feeling confined. I know that they are an exotic pet and veterinarian care may be a concern. Owners can feed fresh fruits and vegetables as long as they make up 25% or less of the sugar gliders diet. Below is the actual language of the law: A new applicant for an exotic wildlife possession permit shall provide documentation of at least 2 years experience of hands-on work with the designated species, including care, feeding, handling, training and husbandry. They love to relax in nests or hammocks which are a great addition to a cage. Bedding should be replaced at least once a week, and deep cleaning of the cage should happen at least every other month which includes sanitizing the cage and washing the accessories. Illegal Animal Being Kept as a Pet. Sugar Gliders prefer warmer temperatures ideally in the 80-degree range but can handle temperatures as low as 60 degrees or as high as 90 degrees. Game animals and furbearers can't be taken from the wild to be kept as pets. Because sugar gliders have some advantages over other pets of a similar size, they have become very popular as pets. These species can also pose public health risks.. Hedgehogs and sugar gliders are long-lived animals with specialized needs, Tullo said. If you want to get a permit for a native animal such as a red fox, you can do so if you meet the 2-year experience requirements. Belonging to the mammalian infraclass known as marsupials, female sugar gliders have a pouch to carry the young during early development . They were later re-legalized, but they cannot be imported from out of the state. You have JavaScript disabled. 2023 Photographs and information on this web site and are protected by U.S . These animals often have unique personalities and can make great companions. These states and cities are: In Australia, there are a lot of concerns about keeping sugar gliders as pets, as well as some opposition against keeping native animals as pets. Click here to learn more about the role the Lancaster County Local Journalism Fund plays in Lancaster County and to make a tax-deductible donation. Don't our lawmakers have more important things to worry about than hedgehogs and sugar gliders? Although native to Australia and New Guinea, sugar gliders are classified as exotic animals in the US. by Dee1694. However, before you run out and buy a sugar glider, its important to be aware of the laws regarding these animals. Journalists and bloggers across the web continue to use us as a trusted source and often link to our articles. Many states allow them, but not Pennsylvania, California or Alaska. Sugar Gliders are Marsupials which mean they develop in a pouch on their mothers stomach. It is very important to stick to this diet and be certain that your Sugar Glider gets all the proteins and vitamins they need. The server is misbehaving. Avoid feeding your Sugar Glider any insects you capture or find outside or around your house. And in some locations, they require permits to keep. A good thing to give your Sugar Glider to give them needed nutrients is honey and baby cereal. Please help us to get them legalized and make a path to the remaining states so that others may know the joy these little guys can bring. In these states below, gliders are legal, but youll need proper documents and permits to keep one. The link below discusses the story of Sandy Reynolds, who thought she obtained her exotic animals legally as she was told to do so by PA officials in 2001. Technically, there are permits available to own anything, but they probably won't give you one. In 2011, there were a mere "28 active permits for individual possession of exotic pets in the state, 11 dealer permits and 112 menagerie permits". With a little bit of planning, you can be the proud owner of a healthy and happy exotic pet. According to Salt Lake County Municipal Code 8.09 Wild, Dangerous and Exotic Animals, it is unlawful to own any animal whose native habitat is not indigenous to the continental United States, excluding Alaska.. In some states, it is legal to own a sugar glider as a pet but there are restrictions within the state. buy them directly from breeders or an exotic pet, need a half-cup and 2 tablespoons of warm water, night which may make it difficult to sleep, sleep during the day and are awake all night, Parakeet Behavior Guide: How to Know What They are Expressing. Game birds can't be taken from the wild and kept as pets. (Complete Guide to US State Laws), STATES WHERE SUGAR GLIDERS ARE 100% LEGAL, STATES WHERE SUGAR GLIDERS ARE 100% ILLEGAL, STATES WHERE SUGAR GLIDERS ARE LEGAL WITH DOCUMENTATION OR PERMIT, STATES WHERE SUGAR GLIDERS ARE LEGAL BUT ILLEGAL IN SOME CITIES, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, The 4 Most Nutritious Sugar Glider Food Recipes, Guide to Sugar Glider Care for New Owners: All the Basics You Need to Know. Sugar Gliders, Cambridge, New York - NY 12816 . Can I own a Opossum, or a Raccoon in Philadelphia. Sugar gliders are often called flying squirrels due to their comparable body structure, size, and prominent tail. I. By starting locally, you can often find out who you need to call from higher levels of government.Your local humane society or other pet related organization, or a veterianarian's office, may be able to help you find out about current laws.Don't assume that if you see a pet locally, it is legal (even if they are being sold in pet stores).Ignorance of the law is not a good defense, and if you acquire an illegal pet you may face confiscation of your pet down the road, and possibly even euthanasia of your pet. BrowseSugar Glider Products. If you choose to own a Sugar Glider there are a few things you need to be sure to be prepared to do to make sure they stay as happy and healthy as possible. The bottom of their cage should be covered in pet bedding made of wood shavings, or similar material. Lawrence's bill, if it were to become law, also seeks to make these legal to own as pets. Before going to the state/province/country, check with your local health department, as sometimes regulations fall under their jurisdiction.Check with state/provincial agencies. Exceptions include California, St. Paul, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania. Their big, black eyes help them to better be able to see and get around in the dark. Exotic pet owners are often not afforded the same rights as other pet owners and are subject to unfair treatment and discrimination. If you live somewhere where you can own a sugar glider though, keep in mind they'll probably. Pennsylvania residents won't be able to keep hedgehogs and sugar gliders as pets after all. Two easy insects to find that are good for and enjoyed by Sugar Gliders are Crickets and Mealworms, but any insects high in protein with a good amount of fat are suitable for Sugar Gliders. Jan 11 2023 06:00:00 AM. Sugar Gliders are social animals, and after learning to trust their owner, they become very sweet and loving animals. Always check your state's laws before welcoming an exotic animal into your home to make sure it's legal to own them. Question: Are otters legal to own in Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania lawmakers reject bill legalizing hedgehogs, sugar gliders as pets, By opting into newsletters you are agreeing to our, Individuals who lack the expertise and resources to provide proper care often buy exotic pets on a whim. This means that their price can vary by quite a lot, but will generally be more expensive. Its all about being willing to put in the extra effort and work. Sugar Gliders are a type of small marsupial that is native to Australia. The nutria, a large, herbivorous, semiaquatic rodent, isn't a pet that's allowed in Pennsylvania. A sugar glider weighs 3 to 5 ounces (85 to 141 grams), about as much as a baseball, and sports short, gray fur, not unlike that of a koala. The green salamander, listed as threatened, is also not allowed as a pet. After extensive research I am unsure as to why they are illegal in PA. Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries, Tops, and Leaves? Error! What about Wolf-dogs? They need quiet and darkened places to sleep during the day where they will be undisturbed and allowed to sleep. ", Hedgehogs and sugar gliders for pets? They have been bred in the United States for about the last 15 years as the interest in keeping them as household pets has increased. The Monk Parakeet, Myiopsitts monachus, sometimes referred to as the Quaker Parakeet or Gray-headed Parakeet, can't be kept as a pet. Interestingly, you can own a hedgehog, a chinchilla, and even a camel! Hedgehogs, but only purchased within the state. All rights reserved. Once tamed, Sugar gliders can be amazing and loving animals. All species of bears are illegal to keep as pets. The law in from the game commission states that you can not own, trade, sell or give away a sugar glider in the state of Pennsylvania. Rabbits destroy crops and dogs and cats can bite, breed andbepotentially dangerous. I can own a dangerous dog capable of killing a child but I can not own a sugar glider. In the United States sugar gliders are considered to be wild or exotic animals because their life cycle, habits, and potential threat to native species is unknown. They are also nocturnal which is not an ideal sleep schedule for a household pet. Without it, our site might not function properly. They do not carry diseases or have other issues that would require them to be seen by a medical professional. Something like this will work well and help you bond better. Rosemary. Our customer service representatives are happy to answer questions about our products. Because of this some states choose to make it illegal to own them and the national government stipulates that you must be licensed to breed them. Yorkshire Sugar Gliders - Jon is an excellent breeder in East Yorkshire. We love all creatures, large and small, and believe that all of our furry companions deserve the best! It is important to bond and spend time with your Sugar Glider even if you have more than one. Sugar Gliders are not yet domesticated, which means they still have instincts and behaviors that reflect how they would act if they werent in captivity. First is the cost of the actual Sugar Glider. Sugar gliders are legal, but you need a permit. Sugar gliders introduced to Tasmania (Gunn 1851; Lindenmayer 2002; Campbell et al. Sugar gliders are legal throughout most of the US. Sugar Gliders are not dangerous or aggressive animals and are usually not defensive against humans. Is Red Foxes or Gray Foxes legal? Many states have cryptic rules regarding the private ownership of so-called exotic animals. Sugar Gliders are not domesticated animals. They make great pets when they have great owners. Parakeet Mating Guide: How it Works, Gestation Period, and More! In some states, such as California, it is 100% illegal to own a sugar glider. This is just the beginning of what you need to know before buying a Sugar Glider. Red Fox by Luke Jones is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Gliders are 100% legal to own in 41 states, with the remaining 9 states either completely prohibiting them or only allowing people to adopt sugar gliders with a permit. Californias law is very clear, as they even call gliders out by name in the title of their documentation. If you are found with one they will take it along with giving you a hefty fine. They need for attention the same as large exotic birds need attention or they get depressed and pull out feathers. Sugar Gliders are nocturnal, which means they sleep during the day and are awake all night. "Individuals who lack the expertise and resources to provide proper care often buy exotic pets on a whim.". The law in from the game commission states that you can not own, trade, sell or give away a sugar glider in the state of PA. Sugar Gliders are fully legal in 46 out of the 50 states, with the exception of California, Alaska, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. The concern about hedgehogs, and sugar gliders for that matter, apparently that they could hurt the local ecosystem if they were somehow released into the wild. Once the novelty wears off, owners often abandon exotic pets at shelters, turn them loose where they will either perish or threaten native ecosystems, or lock them away in a cage where they suffer from neglect, she added. By owning a Sugar Glider without proper resources, you could be depriving it of its natural instincts, which is why many animal rights group advise against owning one. You need a legal permit to possess, transport, or import a raccoon into the state of California, and only for a legal purpose. Sugar gliders are illegal to own as pets in a few states, including Alaska, California, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania. If you dont think you are capable of caring properly for a Sugar Glider, it is best to not get one. Should dogs be illegal in PA? Affiliate Disclosure: When possible, Embora Pets uses affiliate links (at no additional cost to you).