Chambers alleges to have arrived home from work, and found her husband gone. PI said Becca stated that there was only one bike and that it was in disrepair, SD said Becca passed her polygraph exam and is not a suspect. Worried about her husbands whereabouts, Becca reached out to family members, who hadnt seen him, but assured her Michael was probably out running errands. Investigators said they found a small amount of blood in Chamber's workshop along with his wallet and keys. Mr. Dunn was arrested on scene by Hunt County Sheriffs Office for having a handgun on his person. We base our searches upon tips and evidence forwarded to us. to see complete work history. Despite the search, investigators found zero evidence of Chambers. To try and find Michaels body, investigators organized a massive search of his old property on February 10, 2018. Becca received a Global Studies Certificate degree from Semester At . 1)Michaels family and friends believe his disappearance to be the result of foul play. Becca does take one in June and this is when investigators and social media learn(via Papaws children and grandchildren) she had multiple affairs during her marriage. On March 10, 2017, Michael Chambers (70) was seen on surveillance at a Quinlan Walmart store. On March 10, 2017, Mr. Chambers entered a Walmart store in Dallas, Texas, at 11:15 am, while Mrs. However, Michael was nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, she never met her husband and is still waiting for his return. to see who they are and learn about them, based on information from public records and government sources. if they even store peoples blood?). Psychopaths are known for "passing lie detectors". 3:00 pm, neighbors arrived home and did not notice anything out of the ordinary, they also never saw Papaw. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. Not long after, the Chambers family issued a $25,000 reward for information and created the Facebook pageBring Papaw Home, with the hope that an increased social media push would bring in more leads. As the investigation drew on, police followed every lead that was called in. At one time, the show mentioned that authorities suspected his adopted son, Justin, to be involved in the disappearance. Chambers said she had spoken to her husband around 8 a.m. the day he went missing. Since her fathers death, she moved from north Texas to a picturesque property in the Hill country. Klein Investigations and Consulting has set up a tip-line at 409-729-8798 Ext. However, a search of the lake and its surrounding areas revealed nothing. In addition, a sonar search was used on the pond across the road from the Chambers house, and also at Lake Tawakoni by TEQ. The bridge is only about 4-5 feet above the water. He was booked into the Hunt County Detention Center. 12:00pm - CCTV shows that he left the store alone and does not appear to have been followed from the parking lot. Any assets that are not community property, Mrs. The police authorities conducted multiple investigations and more than 100 interviews before coming to no real conclusions about the former firefighter. Mrs. See She claims Michael knew of the affairs but never confronted her about them. It is extremely difficult in the modern electronic age to simply disappear. Where Is Becca Chambers Now? When they did not find him, she called 911. I have a feeling there were money problems (wife changing cellphone and trying to sell the truck, he stopped giving money to his son) and maybe he was fed up of his wifes affairs. Investigators retrieved her cell phone records, along with the triangulation of the cell phone and how it was pinging. She stated to Ms. Edwards that Mr. However, she was shocked to find her husband missing when she returned home around 6:15 pm. That was a big effort and it was so appreciated, Floyd said. They corroborate this theory with the newfound cellphone evidence and discussions with family members. As well, his shotgun had not been fired. The dodge truck, claiming the payments were too high. This has resulted in widespread media attention. He seemed very involved with his family and it would be hard for me to just see someone like this give that all up. And Michael had worked as a firefighter, so how should he be able to know where they stored blood, least of all, HIS blood? As word of Michaels disappearance spread, the number of people willing to volunteer in the search expanded to around 100 to 150 people. On July 12, 2017, Michaels daughter, Suzy, received a message on Facebook from someone claiming his friend had told him where Michaels body was. Check Background Get Contact Info This Is Me - Edit Reputation & Background View All Public Private In the days previous to July 14, 2017, a local resident, Bradley Marion Dunn, made claims on social media that he had information on where Mr. Becca calls Quinlan, TX, home. On April 20, 2017, Rebecca filed for her husbands death certificate. Becca Chambers is known for being the wife ofmissing person Michael Chambers. Chambers have been questioned by area law enforcement. I so so so badly wish and hope that its staged and planned and he left and I still still alive but I dont think thats true. We do not at this time believe it has anything to do with the Chambers case. below. When 70-year-old retired firefighter Michael Chambers goes missing, a bloody crime scene in his garage quickly indicates foul play. Featuring an extended interview with Chambers and on-camera . But then again, the sheriff said that they had discovered some things that had happened that would suggest he would commit suicide so who knows what that could imply. Until that time, the family had no idea that Mrs. 216 times Where his last ping was located. Becca was unable to complete her testing due to prescription meds she took on the same day. Numerous searches were conducted following his disappearance, which proved unsuccessful, as no body has been recovered. After doing an inventory of the warehouse, they found that a tarp and a bicycle were missing. Later, the policeconcludedthat the 70-year-old man is dead and declared him dead. The public wants to know where is she now. The private investigator on the case, Philip Klein, reported that whatever happened to him most likely happened at his house, and believes his body is probably within a three-square-mile radius from his home in Hunt County. I know people who died naturally and keep the phone on for at least a year. --- Send i. to see possible education history including where and when they attending high school and college, and a complete list of her high school class list. Michael Chambers, age 70 years old, and a retired Dallas firefighter, was last seen on Friday March 10, 2017. This piqued police interest, who brought Justin in for questioning. Meanwhile, the police authorities found Chambers keys and wallet in his workshop, and the shopping items were in the bathroom of the Walmart store. The blood spatter expert they interviewed on Disappeared said the perfectly round drops appear staged, not spurting from a body, as then they would be much more irregular.At any rate, I do hope the family soon finds out the answers they deserve. Perhaps a stranger who noticed him working on the cars. When searching the warehouse, police recovered a bloody dowel. Due to his wife, Rebecca Chambers, being outside, the disappearance wasnt immediately noticeable. One the family member said strangers often would come up since they could see him working on the old cars from the road and that Michael then would talk to them. As well, given the bridge over Lake Tawakoni is only a few feet above the water, its believed a jump from it would not be fatal. (Many items appear to be undervalued in this Appraisement compared to the current market values.). Experts in Harris county examined the blood splatters and believe that they look like they could have been from a situation where someone could have been hit in the upper torso or the head, had blood come from their nose or mouth after they fell, and were carried away from behind. Examining the world of solved and unsolved cases. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Although Michael Chambers is still missing, he was declared legally dead on May 26, 2017. Why not just take your car and drive it into a three. However, apart from paving the way for a possible kidnapping theory, the bloodstains did not provide a valuable lead. Mr. Police in Texas say they believe a retired Dallas firefighter who has been missing for over a year took his own. However, upon searching the garage, it was found that the only thing missing from his wallet was his drivers license. Missing Person Michael Chambers Wife. This is a gold member challenge. True Crime. We refer all inquiries regarding that rumor to Hunt County Sheriffs Department or the Texas Rangers. According to the Will filed, Mrs. The investigation company recently aired a podcast in which they reviewed the evidence and released new information regarding the case. I would like to know if she has taken a polygraph test ? Mrs. She claimed her husband had been aware of the affairs, but had never confronted her about them. 3)Some online and in the public believe Michael to have staged his disappearance and gone on to create a new life for himself somewhere else. I mean not only should you be able to know where the hospital stores the blood but, you would also have to be able to find Michael's blood among all other persons blood. Chambers performed his shopping alone, checked out at the cashier, proceeded to the parking lot, and left in his personal vehicle alone. SD confirmed her whereabouts all day PI is saying he can't confirm her whereabouts during a certain time period. A new. If you have any information regarding the case, you can contact the Hunt County Sheriffs Office at 903-453-6800. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I would be surprised to hear that his wife was not involved in the disappearance of michael chambers. PI says she is a suspect. We dont know much about her. Mr. Dunn, a career criminal, was said to be jittery and under the influence of some type of mind altering substance. Papaws family has enlisted the help of private Investigators Jane Holmes and Philip Klein. Floyd and her family rejected the idea Chambers killed himself, then and now. The Hunt County Sheriff's Office says 78 members of law enforcement and vetted volunteers searched for evidence Saturday on 420 acres of dense woods, open pastures and creek beds. I'm sure you will not feel boring to read. Rebecca's annual salary is between $80 - 89,999; properties and other assets push Rebecca's net worth over $50,000 - $99,999. Not one tiny bit of me would believe that that was the truth, Floyd said. He was last seen on surveillance video leaving a Walmart in Quinlan, a small town in Hunt County. Michael Chambers went missing from Quinlan, Texas on March 10, 2017. Both the police and members of Chambers family admit to finding Beccas request for a protective order out of the ordinary. Follow. Even now, he is still dancing at 52. MyLife is NOT a Consumer Reporting Agency - You may NOT use this information to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, tenancy or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. Michael Chambers was a single dad of two before marrying his second wife, Rebecca Chambers, in 1980. The couple adopted two boys, and he has two daughters from a previous marriage. When asked about the fight between him and Michael, he said he would never hurt his father. [3] This is so creepy to think about. Chambers is a well-known and loved member in the community, he regularly attends local car shows. In May 2017, members of the Chambers family were subjected to polygraph tests. Did The Police Ever Found Michael Chambers? At 2:30pm that day, he went to the location once more. Click to reveal Chambers called 911 at approximately 6:55pm, and reported to dispatch that she was unable to find Mr. Who do y'all believe? However, after 10 hours of searching, nothing was found. Thus, Michael Chambers was declared legally dead and soon after, Rebecca began selling off most of his possessions, his car collection, and even his house. The Disappearance of Nguyet Thu Wiki Phung, Case Update: Brittanee Drexels Remains Discovered After 13 Years, SuspectCharged, The Disappearances of Tina & BethanySinclair. Achievement: GM Madness - Go To Challenge Page. Michael knew Becca was cheating on him. The public wants to know where is she now. Michael Chambers, age 70 years old, and a retired Dallas firefighter, was last seen on Friday March 10, 2017. He was right next to a road(freeway) in the middle of the day. I had no idea, hospitals kept bags of blood from people and had their name written on it, How else could it have been Michael blood with anti coagulant in? Michael Chambers, who has gone missing, is married to Becca Chambers. Pavilion in Chicago, Illinois in October 1985. (LogOut/ TIMELINE OF EVENTS Friday 3/10/17 8:00 am, Becca spoke with Papaw on the phone 11:15 am, surveillance shows Papaw at Walmart. She also hasnt spoken with the media or helped in searches for her husband. Without a doubt the wife did it. She stated to a family friend that she thought it was transmission fluid. (Samples of the blood were collected, and DNA analysis later confirmed that the blood belonged to Mr. Michael Lynn Chambers, a retired firefighter, disappeared on March 10, 2017 from his home in the 7000 block of FM 2101. Several searches for Mr. 2)Police are under the assumption Michael staged his disappearance and died by suicide on March 10, 2017. What cant be denied is the amount of blood. The vehicle was in the name of a Chambers family member. Links are provided for reference only and does not imply any connection or relationship between and these companies.