Thrushpelt asked, interrupting her thoughts. Leafpool opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. + You can choose your teacher. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Bluefur would have picked thrushpelt he keeps trying his best to please her and he loves her more than anything. Let us welcome Bluestar here." In the middle of the clearing, a clear, shimmering pool of endless blue shone. Whitestorm yowled. During the Great Battle in The Last Hope, her spirit is killed. It is noted that they are mates in StarClan . Bluekit: Unless we see big cats and watch Leopardkit and Patchkit clean up their patients! I was finally in the stars, at StarClan. I eat a lot every day to do my lazy work! Cinderpelt smiled with joy. Snowkit: Let's eat vegetables that can kill us! His face brightened. "Goodbye Leafpool, take care of the Clan." Cinderpelt's voice trailed off. "I said stop!" Bluestar asked "he's hunting with Crookedstar over there in the River" Mosskit pointed her tail in the River "have you eat yet?" See answer (1) Copy. A red, tawny shape flew out of the pool and dashed to Crookedstar. He asked. Why did I leave you!?" "The four Clans will live, strong, proud, and loyal!" Was bluestar there when oakheart died? Best Answer. wc goretober day 6 bluestars death . Bluekit was born to Moonflower and Stormtail alongside her sister, Snowkit. (which is 555 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 001 seeds) yummy! It's like eating. Warriors Fanfiction And Charart Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. I watched Mistyfoot and Stonefur sharing tongues with my body. (Climbs above sunflower). Stormtail: (sees Husky) Ah, what? Do you want to leave the camp to visit the area without caring for your pig sister? (They ran to the old lair and held them all until they told their stories). We send omens and dreams to the medicine cats. Every cat was waiting for her. Bluekit: (gives change to Pinestar) Here you go! Even the most powerful flames can be destroyed by water. Redtail called out. Bluestar watched his stary fur dissapear. "Welcome to StarClan." After Spottedleaf received a prophecy, Bluestar invited a young kittypet named Rusty to join ThunderClan, naming him Firepaw, and mentored him. Patchpaw. "The Clans will live. LET'S CONTINUE Sorry!!!! Bluestar stared at the three ThunderClan apprentices, Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Lionpaw from StarClan. "I know Hollyleaf is still alive, but everyone else is talking about Dovekit taking her place My Clan is breaking away so slowly." "Bluestar," Spottedleaf started. I wish they could. ), Lift: Now you have reached the forest! Bluekit: Snowkit, I will destroy Tokyo like Godzilla! I remembered all those happy memories of us. Want to edit and see less ads? It would have added a more interesting dynamic if he was the father of her kits and I feel like he would understand her need to become deputy more. Among the StarClan cats, she noticed Moonflower, Stormtail and Snowfur. !<3 #warriorcats #iskyeye #skyeyei #sandstorm #firestar #brambleclaw #brambleshit #squrrielflight #oakheart #bluestar #cloudtail #brightheart # # # # # # # # And Snowkit because you did not test you get nothing! The word Stormtail echoed in her mind. The spirit sat down and smiled. Consider creating an account! [1] She has a long scar rippled down her shoulder. "Power like the stars." That makes them witchcraft! Third deputy of ThunderClan under Bluestar's rule. Bluestar meowed. Bluestar purred her stary pelt glimmering. I'll approve your and Oakheart's relationship you two can be together anytime you want" Moonflower meowed gratefully and Bluestar's eyes filled with joy for her parents and hugged them "thank you so much" Bluestar meowed and goes off to tell Oakheart, Moonflower and Stormtail stood pride for their daughter. In the prologues of some of the warrior cat books, Bluestar and Oakheart keep appearing together, so they are probably mates in StarClan and still love each other. 34.5K Views. As she let her eyesight adjust, she bent down to lap at its crystal depths. [3] StarClan was disconnected from the living Clans by Ashfur,[4] however, the connection has since been restored. "Me?!" Curlfeather's placement in StarClan is uncertain. "Bluestar!" [1] There is no specific leader for StarClan since there are many cats from all five Clans that work together. Leafpool looked to Cinderpelt. "And forever to live with the blood of a warrior!" It is all against military rule but who cares!! No one's trying to pretend Moonflower's still alive. "Dovepaw." Cedarstar: (wake up tortured) OOOOOVVV!!!!!! (Cast away). (T)Bluefur/Bluestar: A Russian blue she-cat. It is for the best. Then they spotted Bluestar walking towards them. "But he was the fire that would save our Clan!" No! The lighter kitten on top of the darker one is Stonekit (stonefur) the one below him is Mistykit (mistystar). "Thanks" A tear rolled from her eye. I'm here to give you a taste of your medicine. AmazingWarriorCats. Unexpected warrior: AHHHH PIANO! Snowkit: Meh. "Leave me alone Spottedleaf, you're worth nothing, all you do is moon over Firestar" Spottedleaf's pelt bristled. I was just trying it," she replied. Bluestar sat by Lionheart and Yellowfang in front of Leafpool. ThunderClan: (not supported) Leopardpaw. "Maybe, but Mudclaw would put your Clan in danger." I drew the scene from Warriors when Bluestar declared war on StarClan. (Crying) Go back to the camp! "Thanks," he purred. Bluestar asked "Moonflower and Stormtail is calling you" Oakheart meowed and Bluestar goes off. I feel frozen with excitement! i understand they didnt have that much development, but they did have a lot of fun and love with/for another. come on! Mosskit smiled and Shellheart,Oakheart's father was calling him and Mosskit. (goes to the corner and grumbles), Bluekit and Snowkit: Grandpa foo-foo, look at our shadow! She is murdered early on in the series, but continues to guide Firestar from StarClan. Fireheart was on the Highrock,a meeting was just started. Bluestar gave him his life. I think that it's because she is charmed. "They will soon find their way together again." Spottedleaf let out a mrrow of laughter. Clan information I'll always come back. Bluekit: Oh look at the butterfly! She doesn't drive him off her territory but why? "We're going to give Firestar his nine lives today." Bluekit: It's your fault! You are not playthings of StarClan. "Dovepaw You have bigger power than the three, life like no other. Thistlekit, Sweetkit, Rosekit, Goldenkit and Lionkit: That's right? Mumblefoot: Easy! Confused, Thrushpelt wondered who he was. Snowkit: (Gasp) You are the hottest and strongest one! Monthly: Not everything you dislike. "Sorry, Mumblefoot!" "Maybe you should talk to him, he's a brave, strong and loyal tom" Bluestar suggested Moonflower and Stormtail didn't know what to say but if their daughter wanted to be happy then they'll do it. I WANT TO ASK FOR EDUCATION!! Now the forest is at peace.". Oakheart meowed. Hollyleaf's Expecting Kits? Copyright 2023. Fireheart always was the fire that saved our Clan and I was proud. "I came to sleep with you." And then there is Bluestar (left) and Oakheart (right). Swiftbreeze: But your most valuable tools opened hers and the best devices of mine opened them when they appeared. Bluestar had greeted the new StarClan cat. Whitestorm dipped his head. Adventure Fantasy Cats Bluestar Firestar Starclan Fireheart Firepaw Rusty Thunderclan Warriors. She asked. Sunset: = OR NEVER helicopter! It almost seemed they were close enough to touch it. The Darkest Hour [] Lionheart is among the StarClan cats who appear to give Fireheart his nine lives during his leadership ceremony . You came in so I wouldn't get in trouble! "Somehow now I remember that game. I'm going to teach you how to hunt! Mosskit replied cheerfully and Bluestar purred "what about you Oakheart? All the cats got ready and finally when Firestar was there at the Moonstone we went to give him his nine lives. "I'm sorry I lied to you along with the rest of ThunderClan." She meowed. "Your mind is clouded, you heart is filled with grey clouds. "Father, you're . Now lets go to your new home.." I let a small tear fall from my cheek and led my kit to StarClan. The piercing blue eyes of beloved Bluestar will have you snuggling up to her as if she's a real kittypet. I hope they know that they have been loved. Id first like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated anyone who Its Icetufts Birthday! "But it's so early! I was right beside them, my body was there but my spirit was also there. "Oakheart." "Bluestar! Dog! The blue-gray cat asked. I HAVE A SET OF OIL! Yellowfang retorted as Badgerkit and Mosskit kept leaping playfully onto the former medicine cat's tail. Bluestar shook her head. I watched Firestar give Scourge the final blow, Scourge fell to the ground and BloodClan scattered hearing, Scourge had died. #SoCWeek11 <=====> Introduction Character Design StarClan is first featured towards the end of. I have doubts on that" Bluestar meowed softly. She asked "why of course" Snowfur replied and goes off then Moonflower and Stormtail appears "hello Bluestar" Moonflower greeted "where do you sleep last night?" Her eyes blazed. Leopardkit: But I was just a mouse for the last time! "I wish Firestar didn't loose another life, he's lost so many" Oakheart sighed and brushed his muzzle on her cheek. Stop, DON'T CARE! She recognized him,Thrushpelt! How many times have we told them that they must face the future together? Weak, scrawny, and someone who can't take away anything!" Juniper was kicked outside, her flank throbbing with pain. A blue-gray queen stalked through the dew-covered grass, her tail held high. and today me and willowpaw/fur will be doing oakheart VS thrushpelt :who was a better choice for bluestar? now enough chitchat and lets see what willowpaw has to say! Bluekit: She fell asleep and went into the water. "You did the right thing. "They will have power like no other." "How do you think Firestar will react?" (Cough) Oakheart: I keep you, but you are not a tool, and the warrior code says you save the equipment. "Long time no see!" Thrushpelt padded over to her. Medicine cat of ThunderClan when Firestar first joins ThunderClan. "Where's Stormtail?" He meowed. "Your not supposed to fall in love,Spottedleaf!" What brings you here?" "What do you mean?" (willowpaw/fur): i understand Mistystar and Stonefur wouldnt be alive, but bluestar couldve had other kits or no kits at all. The whole Clan sits vigil for him, and Bluestar is especially distraught. Bluestar looked away. She was a proud and deeply committed leader. But Blackfoot padded over to Stonefur and tackled him. Bluestar started to pad off letting Redtail be alone. Warriors Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. My Clan is safe, my hope and faith is back. Bluestar (at the time bluefur) finds Oakheart on sunningrocks which at that time was thunderclan territory. "Moonflower? Many cat were by me and smiling, I saw my sister Snowfur, my mother Moonflower, my father Stormtail and my kit; Mosskit. Bluestar hissed. "Finally. StarClan promises that fire will save their clan, but what Bluestar needs are more warriors to combat the evil lurking both inside and outside of their borders, not a vague prophecy that no cat can decipher. "What's wrong?" Featherwhisker: Go and get whipped NOW! Oh Oakheart You make everything sound forgiving. Bluestar stood broadly eyes narrowed. Bluestar turned and faced Moonflower. Leafpool wailed. Moonflower purred. Short stories about all your favourite warrior cats and some may even tell you about their points of view. Kate will let fans chose what happens to StarClan cats after they fade away: disappear in oblivion or become part of a second StarClan and so on into infinity. Many ThunderClan cats were snarling at them, but Fireheart, almost going to be leader was keeping them away. Bluestar touched noses with the former medicine cat and she started to glow, she then dissapeared into a small light and was gone. Are you ready for Fireheart's nine lives?" Luckily Bluestar became mates with Oakheart again in Starclan, thank goodness! Consider creating an account! The first image is what Bluestar sees: that StarClan has left her to lead a clan of traitors. Unbeknownst to Bluefur, she was already expecting Oakheart's kits. Once they've finished eating Bluestar got up "where are you going?" Now! Bluestar gasped. Bluestar replied with a heavy sigh. (Kicks the cat out). Bluestar pressed her flank against his. Just remember to come and see me!" His clear amber eyes landed on my bright blue ones. A few moons had passed and Bluestar remembered last night when, Yellowfang, the former medicine cat attacked Bluestar, angry that she did not tell the truth to the Clans. No, she was in camp with Firepaw, Lionheart and Whitestorm. Bluestar felt tears run down her cheek. AND GONNA DIE! Stonefur joined Starclan recently, Mosskit was happy to meet her brother again that she can play with along with Minnowkit and Willowkit. He said. "I never knew I would join StarClan today", I slowly frowned. Leopardkit: Jellybeans taste delicious!!!!!!!!!!! "Welcome to StarClan." Meowed Sunstar as he finally padded up. "Very good." I slowly floated back to StarClan, now knowing Fireheart had helped everyone. Third, because I'm in love with Dapplepawa! bluestarsdeath bluestar drowning fireheart oakheart starclan warriors warriorcats climbtothestars wcgoretober. "Oh Honeyfern, why did you have to get bitten by that snake?" We find Twoleg and kill it! Yellowfang spoke. "What other!" They late get their warrior names, Mistyfoot and Stonefur. I slowly went over to my kit and his spirit appeared by me. One day you can. "Snowfur,Moonflower!" Everything became silent until Bluestar spoke. "I must go now" Bluestar nodded. Let your jaw do the work. She now didn't care what Stormtail thought she was a needed to check on ThunderClan. (puts on Lady Gaga sunglasses). "You have suffered much and lost much, and yet you still serve your Clanmates, putting their needs before yours, willing to sacrifice all for the sake of your Clan. I think Spottedleaf, Bluestar, and Yellowfang will bring him to Starclan. "It tastes better than I thought," she mewed as she raised her head. One of the greatest the forest has ever known. Unpopular Opinion: Bluestar's arc would have been more interesting if she had ended up with Crookedstar instead of Oakheart I think Oakheart was lame and Bluefur had more chemistry with Crookedjaw. I meowed. Bluestar becomes clan leader, naming Redtail, Patchpelt's younger brother, as deputy. Study now. Bluestar yowled. "W-what do you mean?" Featherwhisker: It's a Pinestar cave. Goosefeather: HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN MY EYE? Just clear your mind, think about the positive." "Those are cats that you have not met, that will shape your future." "When Leopardstar will join us." Raggedstar's stood proudly. Snowfur padded over and touched noses with her. A large reddish-brown tom padded toward me and nuzzled me. By. What are your names? But remember, not even StarClan can turn aside the paws of destiny, however much we might want to. "Bluestar - look what happened to Cinderpelt! Snowkit: They are not yet born. Yet I see the truth now. "I have no hope." I'm sorry Redtail, but I can't give faith or hope. "They won't! Spottedleaf silenced. She recognised many familiar faces as she looked. Hollyleaf had swiped out her paw in the fire of the forest and killed Ashfur on accident, and finally the truth came out. And I will die a tenth time to defend ThunderClan! Leafpool wailed. Moonflower explained "yes I do love your daughter and I will not leave her, I will always be on her side" Oakheart meowed "you are loyal to both clan and Bluestar, I saw how you did everything for her you take care of your kits and save her from drowning to meet her kits and die. A black notebook with an image of Bluestar from. "Bluestar!" More Warriors Fanfiction And Charart Wiki. Suddenly, everything started to disappear and Firestar was waking up. She heard Moonflower and Snowfurcall to her. WARNING!!!! Yet she is baffled when, seasons later, RiverClan breaks what is supposed to be a time of peace with a devastating fight for Sunningrocks. "He is gone. Come with us" Moonflower said with a serious voice and Oakheart followed the two mates "you know, we are very disappointed that my daughter mated with a Riverclan tom that makes you two broke the warrior code but do you love my daughter? "Cinderpelt!" List of known inhabitants, StarClan are the deceased warrior ancestors of the Clans who live on in spirit form after dying, and watch over the living Clan cats. Juniper licked her side where she was kicked. Stop being ingnorant and hotheaded!" "Bluestar! "Each cat will have a destiny to live!" Bluefur; fiercely ambitious, determined to do what was best for her Clan, even if it meant unimaginable sacrifices. . "Bluestar!" "I should've protected your mother instead of Dappletail. Bluestar! What is it?" It was like Mistyfoot and Stonefur heard me as they let tears fall on my hollow body. from the story Warriors: The Return Of The Greatest Heroes by CrazyFlamefur (Flamefur) with 2,660 reads. Bluekit: I will run away because I do not care if my Clan rises. They can have a father if you want. Bluestar cried nobody hearing her. My Clan doesn't need me, I'm just a wondering spirit Spottedleaf stood beside Bluestar. The Ultimate Guide: Updated and Expanded Edition, Gray Wing and Moth Flight during the first leadership ceremony, Jayfeather and Yellowfang about StarClan. Stone: COME FROM MY RING! "She will." Moonflower let a tear of joy run down her cheek. Yes, Oaskheart did love Blestar but I don't know if he did when she gave away the kits to him. The second image shows that StarClan has not left her, and that Oakheart and Mosskit are with her, wanting to comfort her, but . You are the fourth apprentice." ===Chapter Seven=== "Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and." Bluestar stopped. Bluestar blinked away the tears and looked at her daughter. OK! Molepaw he brother, was on his way to lead Honeyfern to StarClan. is buddy allen married. "No." Redtail rested his tail on her shoulder. (vomits: wipes his mouth) Chest! "I don't think Brambleclaw will suceed Firestar" "That's nonsense." They walked over beside the Moonstone waiting for Fireheart to appear.Then Fireheart's ginger pelt and Cinderpelt walked toward the Moonstone. Poppydawn: No one can compete with the two of you, as one of them will have the seat of the first major arc criminal. Monthly: Do not harass soldiers, do not separate and do not go under. Do you want to come? Oh, my precious kits. Also included in a three-pack bundle with Firestar and Tigerstar. The Wishful Nights - Book 1: Assassin's Oath. Bluestar ran her spirit going to the Clans. Slowly the three StarClan cats faded leaving Leafpool alone. Stormtail: (sees the marker) Oh those? . as for they were in different clans, a lot of warriors relationships are like that and it doesnt make THAT much of a difference. Bluestar walked away and saw Spottedleaf and Yellowfang ,aruging. Bluestar sighed. also thrushpelt loved bluestar. Goosefeather: Bluekit You're going to be killed by a monster . Snowkit: Shouldn't you clean up the disease? Her eyes brightened. It was Rosetail. And Moonflower didn't tell us. And how you can scold me for all that chaos, I don't know. Bluestar' is a sleek, lean, and sturdy blue-gray she-cat with piercing ice blue eyes and silver hairs tipping her muzzle and tail. come on! @Lavacat1. Now we would always be together in starclan. Snowkit: (Stops crying out of the corner) Yay! I use to be the Clan leader, but now my Clan will come to the end. Once the deputy, during a battle over Sunningrocks he perished from a rock slide. Bluestar cheered. warriorcats. He meowed padding off. "Hello Bluestar." Mosskit and Badgerkit stopped, staring up at the grey she-cat. Scourge had killed Tigerstar and Snowfur had led Whitestorm into StarClan after Bone had killed him. I need to go!" Bluekit: HA! "Thanks Bluestar." Oakheart's whiskers twitched. Secret Escape", Mistyfoot sighed. "We will reincarnate Lionheart as the new cat of the prophecy. Tigerstar. I remember her smell and the warmth of lying beside her. so hollyfrost and i are debating, and im debating on the side that bluestar shouldve chosen thrushpelt! Later, Bluster appoints Tigerclaw as deputy in his place. Bluestar meowed fading away before Cinderpelt's spirit appeared. Bluestar didn't say anything and she dipped her head to Rosetail and padded away. The Ultimate Guide: Updated and Expanded Edition, Bluestar & Darkstripe - Mini Collector Figures, Goosefeather on Bluefur's destiny and sacrifices, Bluefur contemplating giving up her kits, Sunstar telling Bluefur why he chose her to be deputy. "Everyone forgives you" She meowed quietly. She'd like to see you." Her faithful old friend had kept her secret until the very end, only ever speaking of the lost kits with the fond grief of a father. Come over to Moonflower! I nuzzled him. Dapplepaw: Silence the old cat. Bluestar smiled, happy to see the former leader, again. Moonflower blinked. Rosetail smiled. Mumblefoot let out a yowl as Snowfur stepped on his tail. Monthly: Let my daughter hear us and smell sleep. "Loyal to all." "You have a true destiny to live out, a great compassion in your work lies ahead" Not for long Bluestar knew what was going to to happen "But what about the three bright stars I saw?" The fish landed at the RiverClan tom's paws and he killed it with a killing blow. Bluestar felt like she could well up in tears. "Him and Sandstorm were seperated" She sighed heavily. Bluestar asked alomost in tears. You carried the same scent and sometimes, even now, I see my mother in the twitch of your whiskers or the flick of your tail. Why? Stormtail showed grief in his eyes. Oakheart laughs in joy. Monthly: I'll apologize if that's what you want. Brightspirit slowly padded into the clearing and looked up at Bluestar. The two couple laugh happily and nuzzled each other "I love you Oakheart" Bluestar purred "I love you too" Oakheart purred back. There will be many times that he will, but soon another cat will take care of the Clan, and Firestar will walk the paths of StarClan with us." Snowfur laid her tail on Bluestar's shoulder. I am sorry my kits.. "Her mother a leader, now she'll be a leader." Stonefur looked down at the Clans. Monthly: Snow, I'm sorry to call you a drowning rat. The figure of a cat formed and the cats tensed. [2] They are responsible for sending signs and omens to the living cats. Bluestar to Firestar about StarClan not ruling the forest. "But you have the hope inside my darling, I can feel it." Wiki User. ( me/hollyfrost) : hello! Snowfur began dashing to her sister, pushing past cats. Stonepelt: It's Stonepelt, do you want a father who doesn't care? "Fightning for their Clan." Bluestar replied happily "that's great!" a sandy gray tom asked. I slowly faded and was going back to StarClan. "I'm just going to leave you, to your pathetic life of no faith." *******Bluestar looked down at Dovepaw. Without a answer he led Bluestar to StarClan. "Oakheart" Bluestar called "what is it?" My fur bristled. best foods to regain strength after covid; retrograde jupiter in 3rd house; jerry brown linda ronstadt; storm huntley partner But Fireheart was not sure he understood at all. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. by WildKat, Silver Clouds Shining At Dusk (Silverdusk) Shadedpaw's Happy Mentor SAVE THE TIGERS Running for SW! "Oakheart!" Whitestorm, Spottedleaf, and Yellowfang sat beside her. Bluestar-shippings. are bluestar and oakheart mates in starclan moline school district calendar 2022-2023 July 7, 2022 | 0 moline school district calendar 2022-2023 July 7, 2022 | 0 [ I don't own the cover art ] An AU where Bluestar never broke up with Oakheart, and Rusty and Princess are born in their second litter of kits!